ליצירת קשר:
Established in 1979 by veteran teacher Rachel Solberg, the ISRAELI YOGA TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting yoga in Israel. Among our goals, as stated in our regulations, is the dissemination of information concerning yoga studies and teachers’ courses; representation before various institutions, governmental and others; organization of conventions, workshops and study days on specific topics, with local teachers and invited guests; and the promotion of ties and cooperation with overseas yoga organizations and teachers of international standing.The ISRAELI YOGA TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION serves as an umbrella group for teachers and interested students from each and every yoga path represented in Israel, yoga being above any differences, yoga being union.The ISRAELI YOGA TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION has made a priority of bringing the gift of yoga to needy and distressed populations or populations of limited means, such as youth in distress, battered women, mentally and physically handicapped persons, co-existence programs, third-agers, holocaust survivors, trauma victims, danger or war zones, and others. Aside from the immediate physical and mental benefits of starting a yoga practice, the long-term and often life-altering benefits of yoga can effect positive social change.Please contact us!

Michal Shlimak, Administrator