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ליצירת קשר:

Criteria, standards and conditions for Yoga Teacher's Training Courses to grant recognition from Israeli Yoga Teachers Association

The Yoga Teachers Association in Israel will grant recognition to the Yoga Teacher Training Course for those who meet the criteria listed below and will be approved by the Pedagogical Committee of IYTA.

The teachers will be asked to confirm their consent to meet the above requirements in order to continue receiving the organization’s recognition.  The organization will maintain continuous contact with the approved school administration and in exceptional cases may remove its approval if the school does not meet the conditions.

Admission requirements for the Teachers’ course:

Initial yoga training – minimum two years of yoga practice in a studio with a yoga teacher.

Age: over 21

Who will be authorized to train teachers



  1. A yoga teacher with proven experience in teaching yoga for at least 13 years.
  2. Studied and trained with teachers in Israel and from around the world.
  3. A letter of recommendation from one of her or his yoga teachers.
  4. Has been to a personal interview with the Pedagogical Committee of the Israel Yoga Teachers Association.


Application for recognition

An applicant wishing to open a Yoga teacher training course will present his or her candidacy in writing to the Executive Committee of the organization through the director or the organizational secretary. The applicant will send a request letter and attach:

  • a syllabus of the course, including a course program of 500 academic study hours spread over no less than two years; details of the hours allocated for each subject and a timetable.
  • a CV, details of professional experience
  • a letter of recommendation from a personal teacher.

The Executive Council shall forward the application to the Pedagogic Committee for examination of its compliance with the above criteria.

If the content is found to match the threshold of the criteria, the candidate will be invited to meet with the Pedagogic Committee for discussion and to get acquainted. If the candidate is found suitable for the management of a yoga teacher training course, the Pedagogic Committee will recommend to the executive committee to approve the candidate as a qualified teacher for training yoga teachers.

If the applicant submits a program that does not meet the requirements of the pedagogical committee, the applicant will receive recommendations for changing the program and will resubmit.

Course Plan

The course program should include:

– Course Objective

– Admission requirements

– The student’s obligations and the course requirements for certification

– The subjects accompanied by a detailed syllabus with the first and second year curriculum

– The method of learning – Course content


Details of the contents and hours required are detailed in the table below:

Number of study hours Details Subjects
70 hours The History of Yoga Reading and contemplating texts of selected topics in the philosophy of yoga (Sontra Yoga of Pantjali, Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Paradipica) Philosophy and History of Yoga
60 hours Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
240 hours pedagogy and training Asana, Mudras, and Bandahas Asana including practice
60 hours Pranayama
40 hours Concentration and observation
2 hours Professional ethics, a teacher’s charter, the role of a yoga teacher in a student’s life, boundaries Ethics
28 hours View and Practice Teaching / Internship
4 assignments per year Submission of written work Test – The student will be tested on the ability to teach yoga to a group of students.
500 Total hours of study

Course Attendance – Students are required to attend 80% of the theoretical and practical lessons.

A student who is absent for more than 20 percent of all theoretical and practical study hours will not be allowed to take the exam.